Italy – Sea Arrivals UNHCR Update #13 (March 2017)

from UN High Commissioner for Refugees
Published on 31 Mar 2017 View Original


  • 24,292 People arrived by sea.
  • 3,491 Unaccompanied and separated children (UASC) arrived by sea.
  • 31% Sea arrivals disembarked in hotspots.
  • 836 Dead and missing at sea.
  • 37,915 Asylum applications, including from sea and other arrivals.
  • 22,106 Asylum decisions made by decentralized Territorial Commissions.
  • 4,727 Total relocations from Italy under the EU relocation scheme.
  • 176,523 People accommodated in reception centres on 31March 2017.


  • Between 1 January and 31 March 2017, a total of 24,292 refugees and migrants reached Italian shores.
    This is a 29% increase compared to sea arrivals in the same period last year (18,777). The main nationalities among sea arrivals are Guinean, Nigerian, Bangladeshi, and Ivoirian.

  • In 2017 so far, 3,491 unaccompanied and separated children (UASC) arrived in Italy by sea. This corresponds to 14% of all sea arrivals.

  • Between 1 January and 31 March 2017, some 38,000 asylum applications were lodged in Italy, including both sea and other arrivals. In the same period, some 22,000 decisions were made by the Territorial Commissions.

  • Since the adoption of the September 2015 EU Council decisions, 4,727 persons (12% of the 39,600 target)5 have been relocated from Italy.

  • At the end of March 2017, 174,469 asylum-seekers were accommodated in reception centres across Italy, 78% of whom were in temporary facilities.