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Italy: Population Movement Emergency Appeal n° MDRIT002 Revision n°3

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This revised Emergency Appeal seeks a total of 8.37 million Swiss francs (reduced from 9.495 million Swiss francs) to support the Italian Red Cross in assisting a total of 300,000 people (increased from 180,000 people) during an extended timeframe up to 30 September 2017. The operation will focus on: providing health services including psychosocial support (PSS); water sanitation and hygiene (WASH); basic food and non-food items; protection and anti-trafficking services; restoring family links (RFL); facilitating two-way communication with migrant and host communities; and National Society capacity-building. The major changes in the operational strategy and reasons for revision include the suspension of search and rescue (SAR) activities, the addition of a new project entitled ‘Mediterranean Migration: Protection and Anti-Trafficking’ (MMPAT) in the framework of the Emergency Appeal, the establishment of additional safe points to assist migrants and necessary response to the anticipated increasing volume of migration flow.

The current funding gap is 299,280 Swiss francs. The planned response reflects the current situation and information available at this time of the evolving operation and will be adjusted based on further developments and more detailed assessments.

The crisis and the Red Cross Red Crescent response to date

25 April 2015: A Disaster Response Emergency Fund (DREF) allocation of 283,305 Swiss francs is released in response to increased arrivals of vulnerable migrants on Italy’s southern coast.

8 May 2015: The IFRC launches an Emergency Appeal seeking 2,710,576 Swiss francs.

2 November 2015: The IFRC issues a revised Emergency Appeal n° 1 for 2,775,269 Swiss francs increasing the number of beneficiaries to reach to 105,000 migrants.

18 July 2016: The IFRC issues a revised Emergency Appeal n° 2 for 9,495,715 Swiss francs to assist 160,000 beneficiaries with an extended time frame up to 31 July 2017. (The reason for the significant budget increase is the introduction of the SAR operation with high monthly operating costs.)

06 June 2017: The IFRC issues a revised Emergency Appeal n°3 for 8,370,768 Swiss francs.