Italy: Assistance from Japan for the earthquake in L'Aquila (Fact sheet)

1. City of L'Aquila Gymnasium/Sheltering Facility Construction Plan (tentative name)

The government of Japan will accelerate consultations with the city of L'Aquila to cooperate financially for the construction of gymnasium/sheltering facility utilizing Japanese financial assistance and Japanese quake-resistant technology. L'Aquila, known for its university, places emphasis on the construction of a sports complex for use by students and residents of the city as part of a reconstruction plan. The gymnasium will become a part of the planned sports complex. In addition, it is envisioned that the facility will be used as an evacuation shelter at the time of disasters. Such dual use is commonly seen in Japan as its wisdom.

2. Cooperation for the Construction of a "Cupboard Concert Hall" (tentative name)

In order to realize the "Cupboard Concert Hall" Construction Project by Mr. Shigeru Ban, a Japanese architect, the government of Japan will provide 500,000 EUR. (The hall will have a capacity of 1,000 people and its total construction cost will be 1,070,000 EUR.) L'Aquila is known as a "city of music", but its National Conservatory has suffered serious damage from the earthquake. The speedy construction of the Cupboard Concert Hall, a facility easy to construct and incredibly durable, will provide momentum for the renewal of musical activities that support the victims of the disaster.

3. Cooperation for the Restoration of Cultural Heritage Sites

With respect to cooperation in the field of restoration of cultural heritage sites, the government of Japan will dispatch specialists to the region in August, where they will discuss possible support from Japan.

4. Assistance from the Private Sector

The total amount of donations by Japanese citizens and companies both in Italy and Japan is approximately 401,000 EUR. Material assistance has also been provided.