Capturing Mixed Migration Flowlys to Italy: Flow monitoring in Italy - Reporting period June - November 2016

from International Organization for Migration
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This report contains the findings from the Flow Monitoring Surveys (FMS) conducted from June to November 2016 in Sicily, Apulia and Calabria, as part of IOM’s Displacement Tracking Matrix (DTM) activities in the Mediterranean and beyond, which started in October 2015 with the aim to track and monitor populations on the move through the Mediterranean and Western Balkan routes to Europe.

The survey gathers information about migrants’ profiles, including age, sex, areas of origin, levels of education, key transit points on their route, cost of journey, motives, and future intentions. Alongside quantitative data, qualitative information pertaining the situation of migrants and refugees arriving to Italy by sea was also collected to provide the framework for the fieldwork and the subsequent analysis. The FMS also includes a Module to track potential human trafficking or exploitative practices that the migrants and refugees interviewed might have experienced throughout the journey.


The first section of this report focuses on the baseline characteristics of the sample, providing results for the top 5 nationalities surveyed in Italy on nationality, sex, age, education and characteristics of the journey. The second section presents a summary of the results on the human trafficking and exploitative practices’ indication module. The third section explains the methodology.

The information provided in this report complement IOM’s exercises in the Mediterranean and in North Africa. Considering the complexity of migration flows along the Central Mediterranean Route, the purpose of the DTM is to offer a dynamic approach in relation to the evolving situation in the countries of origin, departure and transit

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