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Teaching Refugees First Aid

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This week, 28 asylum seekers from Eritrea and Sudan who are staying in the "Cholot" facility arrived at the MDA station in Beersheba for special first aid training.

During the day, MDA instructors taught a course in basic first aid in 3 languages (Hebrew, English and Arabic), and showed the students how to identify unconsciousness and how to perform basic resuscitation, ways to treat choking from a foreign body, treatments for injuries that require splints, applying a tourniquet, treatment of animal injuries and burns, and received explanations about diseases such as diabetes and more.

This is the second training as part of the MDA's humanitarian cooperation with Ben-Gurion University Organization of Students on behalf of refugees and the Center for International Migration and integration CINI.

Dr. Bruriah Adini from the Faculty of Health Sciences at Ben-Gurion: "This beautiful encounter, contributes to everyone involved, including of course those in refugees in the "Cholot" facility but also to anyone who stands in front of them, meeting them was incredibly enriching. I would love to expand their activities to allow those in "Cholot" more exposure to the nice things in the State of Israel ".

MDA senior volunteer medic Ahmed Abu Shah instructed the course: "I was very impressed by the seriousness of the students in the course. They came without any basic knowledge in the field and it was a great feeling to give them the basic tools to save lives. It is exciting to see the desire of students to learn the material and their wish to instruct their friends. Students have told me about cases in which they felt helpless, and now they believe they know what to do."

Bolotz Aeyasu, a foreign national living in "Cholot," "right now I have the tools to deal with medical emergencies and I want to thank MDA for the guidance wholeheartedly."

MDA Director General Eli Bin: "We strive to deliver the MDA doctrine of saving lives everywhere and to everyone. I'm happy for the cooperation with Ben-Gurion University, Ben Gurion Students for Refugees and the Center for International Migration and Integration that allows us to pass along critical medical knowledge so the population of refugees and asylum seekers may help in the saving of more lives in Israel."