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Pre-election battles, 15 Palestinians killed on Friday and Saturday

According to information gathered by the Palestinian Center for Human Rights in Gaza (PCHR), at around 10:20pm on Saturday, Israeli forces covered by helicopters, entered Hayy al-Zaytoun, south of Gaza City. Heavy indiscriminate firing took place, particularly from the helicopters. After taking complete control of the area, Israeli forces spread out into the streets and began to place explosives inside seventeen workshops. They were imploded this morning, Sunday January 26, completely destroying the workshops and two homes. Another 25 other homes were also severely damaged.

When Israeli forces entered the area, Ashraf Samih Kahil (22) was killed by indiscriminate fire in the chest and legs. Tank shells were also fired in the direction of three Palestinian combatants, who were killed instantly.

During indiscriminate heavy firing in the area, another eight people were killed. Around another 40 people were injured, six of them critically.

The killed are Ahmad Hassan al-Fayoumi (24), combatant; Mohammad Rashad Abid (28), combatant; Ahmad Shadeh Aabid (23), combatant; Ashraf Samih Kahil (23); Mohammad Akram al-Nakhaleh (21); Alaa Zuhair Khalifeh (23); Rami Fathi Issa (27); Marwan Zuhair Rahmi (25); Iyyad Bader Jibril Akkawi (20); Wissam Fayez Yusef Hassan (24); Khaled Ali Hassan Shalouf (17); Amjad al-Hattab (16).

Friday, January 24: Punitive home demolition On Friday morning, Israeli forces demolished the family home of Masoud Ayyad, who was extra-judicially assassinated some time ago.

According to information gathered by LAW, on Friday morning Israeli forces accompanied by tanks from the illegal Israeli settlement Netzarim, south Gaza city, and entered Hayy al-Zaytoun. The forces surrounded the home, arrested two of his sons, Khader (35) and Hasaan (30), his brother, Said (52) and grandson, Masoud (14). Israeli troops demolished their five- floor home, where five families lived.

During the day, Masoud (14) and Said (52) were released. However Khader (35) and Hasaan (30) are still in detention.

Friday, January 24: Church inside hospital bombed in Gaza According to information gathered by the PCHR in Gaza, at around 2:30am, Israeli helicopters fired five missiles, hitting a metal workshop near a school in the middle of crowded Gaza city. The Anglican St. Philip Church was also hit, destroying the roof and extensively damaging the interior. A woman and child health clinic was also extensively damaged. Both are within the grounds of the al-Ahali hospital in Gaza.

Friday, January 24: Israeli forces throw hand grenades at Mom, claim she is armed

According to information gathered by LAW, at around 9am Friday, Suad Snoubar Jawdallah (46), her son Abdallah (19), Ayman Hinawi (20) and another Palestinian whose identity remains unknown, were walking in the direction of al-Naqoura village from Nablus. They were taking a route often used by Palestinians to get to Nablus by foot.

The route reaches between an Israeli military barracks and a settlement, Shami Shomron. Israeli forces threw hand grenades at the four. Suad and Ayman were killed instantly by shrapnel. Abdallah was injured. However the extent of his injuries is unclear. He was arrested and taken to an unknown destination. The fourth person fled.

The Israeli newspaper, Yediot Ahronot, on its Arabic website noted a military source who said Israeli forces killed armed Palestinians, one of them a woman, who attempted to plant explosives near Shami Shomron, west of Nablus.

However, LAW's field researcher in Nablus threw doubt on the Israeli version of events. The area where they were killed is 4kms from the settlement, and also around 4kms from the military barracks. The area where they killed is also considered to be an alternative route for Palestinians seeking to enter Nablus on foot. The route is not used by soldiers, noted the field researcher, thus questioning why Palestinians would want to plant explosives there. Settlers also, do not use this area.

Israeli forces are visibly present in the area, and usually stop and search Palestinians, causing lengthy delays.