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OPT: Weekly Press Release 25 - 31 Jan 2003

During this past week, Israeli army actions continued to violate the First and Fourth Geneva Conventions by searches, denial of movement of PRCS ambulances, and physicall assaults against medical teams in Tulkarem, Jenin, Nablus, Al Bireh and Gaza.
Tulkarem 30 January 2003 (02:09 am): Next to Dr. Thabet Thabet Hospital, an Israeli army jeep stopped and searched an ambulance on its way to transport an injured to the hospital. The soldiers physically assaulted one of the medics, claiming. The injured was forced out of the ambulance and driven to Israel on an Israeli ambulance.

Tulkarem 30 January 2003: At the city's club (on za'tara angle), Israeli forces blocked and detained 3 PRCS ambulances.

Jenin 28 January 2003 (11:45 am): In Fayssal Street, an Israeli army Jeep obstructed the way of an ambulance while responding to a call indicating wounded. The army terrorized the ambulance and damaged it from the back, which hampered its access to the victims.

Nablus 28 January 2003 (04:10 pm): In Deir Stayeh (Za'tara checkpoint), the Israeli soldiers blocked an ambulance carrying patients from Rafidia Hospital to Sadet Qarawa. The soldiers searched the ambulance, ordered everyone out and removed all medical equipment. They detained the ambulance for more than 1 hour.

Nablus 25 January 2003 (03:50 pm): In Deir Stayeh, an Israeli tank positioned in Ammab Street, obstructed the way of a PRCS ambulance en route back to Nablus. The medics were forced out of the ambulance and the soldiers made searches for 45 minutes.

Nablus 26 & 27 January 2003: Israeli soldiers blocked 3 ambulances on Howara, Za'tara checkpoints and Sadet Azmout region. The ambulances were detained for various periods.

Nablus 25 January 2003 (07:30 am): Israeli soldiers stationed at Howara checkpoint, stopped a PRCS ambulance and detained one of the volunteers inside the ambulance for 1:30 hour. Later, they forced the volunteer to leave on foot.

Al Bireh 27 January 2003 (07:30 am): Israeli soldiers, positioned at Qalandya checkpoint, stopped a PRCS ambulance on its way to transport a pregnant woman in labor from the checkpoint to the hospital. First, the soldiers denied access to the ambulance but after a long delay, the ambulance was allowed to reach the woman. The delay resulted in the baby being delivered inside the ambulance. This is not the first such incident in which PRCS medical teams assisted a woman deliver her baby inside ambulances. (please see October 18th and November 11th, 2002 News)

Gaza 26 January 2003 (08:30 am): In Salah Eddin street, an Israeli tank blocked an ambulance on its way to rescue wounded people. The soldiers fired on the ambulance and denied its access.

Rafah 26 January 2003 (08:00 pm): Israeli soldiers fired at a PRCS ambulance for 10 minutes. The ambulance was en route to rescue injured people in Tal Sultan region. When the soldiers stopped shooting, the ambulance succeeded in reaching and rescuing the injured.

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