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OPT: TIPH snows in

News and Press Release
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An estimated half-metre of snow has fallen in Hebron the last two days. The snowfall, which is rare in Hebron, has closed all major roads. TIPH activities have been reduced to road inspection.
Some TIPH members found their doorways completely blocked by the snow this morning, and had to shove their doors open. Others, who were attempting to leave the compound for Jerusalem, had to drive the four-wheeled jeep out of town.

Hebronites, and indeed TIPH, is not equipped for heavy snowfall. While some cars have four wheel drives, they all have summer tires. Fortunately, the political situation in the city is calm. The snowfall therefore only means periodic power cuts and the occasional snowball from local children.

For further information please contact: Ib Knutsen, TIPH spokesperson