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The most recent events in Gaza and in the occupied Territories

News and Press Release
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The Federal Department of Foreign Affairs is concerned about the harshness of the repeated military operations which the Israeli forces have carried out in the Palestinian territories. Operations such as those which have just taken place in Gaza result in many dead and wounded people, and inflict ever-increasing suffering on the civilian population. The DFA recalls that international humanitarian law requires the application of the principles of the distinction between combatants and civilians, of the strict limitation of force to military targets, and of the proportionate use of force. It is therefore imperative that the Israeli army see to it that its military operations do not cause further loss of life or violation of the integrity of people protected by international humanitarian law, in particular, innocent women and children.
Furthermore, the DFA is concerned about the continued building of Jewish settlements on Palestinian territory and, in particular, about the prevailing conditions in the city of Hebron. The DFA urges the Israeli authorities to renounce further expulsions of Palestinian nationals from their homes and the destruction of buildings. The DFA is moreover concerned about the deterioration in the conditions of the Temporary International Presence in Hebron (TIPH), in which Swiss citizens are participating. It expects both the Israeli and Palestinian authorities to take all necessary measures to allow the mission to function properly.

Finally, the DFA recalls that only the renouncement of violence by both sides, full compliance with international humanitarian law, and the resumption of a dialogue on peace can lead to an improvement in the situation, one which is conducive to the search for a fair solution to the Israeli-Palestinian question. The reoccupation of the Gaza Strip by the Israeli forces is incompatible with such a search for peace.