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Israeli forces rampant in Nablus' Old City

News and Press Release
Originally published
Sunday, February 23, 2003
For the fifth day in a row, Israeli forces have attacked Nablus' old city. Until the time of this information release, seven people, including three children have been killed in the old city. Tens have been injured, alongside the material destruction of some of Palestine's most historical buildings.

Thursday, February 20

According to information gathered LAW, at around 1:30pm Wednesday (February 19), Israeli forces, including heavy machinery, armored personnel carriers (APCs) and ground troops spread out into Nablus' old city. They entered the area using heavy fire directed at residential areas. After taking control of the old city, Israeli forces entered the Souq al-Basal area, Bab al-Saha, the al-Qaryoun, Jasmine, Ras al-Ain, Khalet al-'Amoud areas.

On Thursday, two Palestinian civilians were killed, a man shot in front of his elderly father, and a child on his family rooftop.

Nasser Abu Sufiyyeh: At around 6am Nasser Abu Sufiyyeh was heading to his workplace in the Jasmine quarter in Nablus' old city with his father, more than 70 years old. An Israeli jeep stopped them, and after checking their ID cards, detained them and began beating Nasser's elderly father.

The soldier ordered Nasser at gunpoint to leave the area without his father. Nasser began to leave. When he was at a distance of 40 meters from the soldiers, one opened fire at him without any justification. He was shot three times in the back and died of severe internal bleeding before his father's eyes.

Mohammad al-Saber: At around 12:30pm on Thursday, Mohammad al-Saber (15) was shot in the shoulder while standing on the roof of an apartment building in the Ras al-Ein area. An Israeli sniper shot the boy, apparently from a higher position, down at the boy, as the bullet traveled down his body and settled into his mid-thigh. He was killed instantly.

Seven others were injured, including four children. Said al-Bouz (16); Sabrine al-Tak (16); Mohammad Qadiri (17); Ahmad al-Badawi (17); Amid Ayyad (19); Tawfiq al-Najjar (20); Samir Asmar (24)

Grandfather and grandchild: Also on Thursday, Israeli forces killed a grandfather and his grandson. According to information gathered by LAW, at around 3pm, Ahmad Abu Zahra (55) and his grandson, with the same name, Ahmad Abu Zahra (17), were returning home. While walking down Hittin Street in the middle of the city, an Israeli sniper opened fire on them. Ahmad (17) was shot in the head and chest, and fell into a pool of his own brood. His grandfather tried to help him. He was also shot at in the head and chest. Ahmad (55) died in hospital at 3:40. Both worked as vegetable sellers in the city.

Friday, February 21

During Friday morning, a group of children and young men in the Martyr's circle area in Nablus, leading to the old city, began throwing rocks at Israeli forces. Immediately Israeli forces began shooting at them with thin-rubber coated gunshots. Twelve Palestinians were injured, including Ma'moun Barakat (10) shot in the stomach, Abd al-Karim Judeh (15) gunshot wound, Mujahed 'Eisheh (16) shot in the foot, Nael Aqad (17) gunshot wound, Baha al-Deen Alawi (33) shot in the head.

Saturday, February 22

Israeli forces killed three civilians, including a child, shot in the head

Sami Halawa: According to information gathered by LAW, at around 11:20am, Sami Halawa (43) was walking in the direction of his shop in the old city. Israeli forces shot at him. The bullet entered through Sami's back and exited through his stomach, causing severe internal bleeding. He died instantly. Sami had four children, two of them infants.

Walid al-Masri: At around 12pm, Walid al-Masri (22) was walking towards home from the old city to buy bread from the local bakery. Israeli forces shot in his direction. A bullet entered his heart and he died instantly. Nasr Ja'ara (14) was shot in the head, causing brain death. On Sunday, his death was announced.

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