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Israeli forces kill four Palestinians and injure a journalist during invasion of Jenin

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Four Palestinians were killed this morning and one journalist injured when Israeli troops invaded Jenin. According to residents, the invasion began at 1.30 am when Israeli soldiers entered the Asharrki and Al Marrah neighborhoods in the eastern part of Jenin. Shortly thereafter, about 20 tanks entered Jenin city, occupying the entire city and imposing a curfew. Jeeps and snipers spilled into civilian neighborhoods, terrorizing residents by invading their homes and filling their roofs with snipers.
At midday today, Yousef Saleh Assadi, 20, was shot in the chest and head. Mohammed Al Fukaha, 23, was also killed when he was shot in the head.

Earlier in the morning, Rashad al Arabi, 29, was killed by Israeli troops during the invasion - his body riddled with bullets. Nidal Castoni, 17, saw that Rashad had been shot and tried to help him but was also shot all over his body by Israeli gunfire.

According to Dr Ziad Al-Isa, at Al-Razi Hospital in Jenin, Nidal Castoni was alive when he reached the hospital, although his condition was very serious. Doctors immediately sent an ambulance to pick up a surgeon who lives one kilometer from the hospital to perform emergency surgery on Nidal to save his life. However, an Israeli tank prevented the ambulance from reaching the surgeon to bring him to the hospital. Nidal died shortly thereafter.

Saif Dahlah, a photographer working for Agence France-Presse, was injured in his legs by shrapnel from Israeli gunfire. He was taken to hospital and discharged later in the day.

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