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Increase in number of Israelis and Palestinians killed reason for worry

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Today, B'Tselem's Website is publishing its figures on the number of persons killed in July in the Occupied Territories and in Israel.

During the month, 23 Palestinians, including six minors, were killed by Israeli security forces. 15 of the dead were not taking part in the hostilities when they were killed. Of these, two were bystanders killed during assassination attacks. Two Palestinians were killed by Israeli civilians.

Seven Israeli civilians were killed by Palestinians: four in the suicide-bombing in Netanya, one by a Qassam rocket, and two by Palestinian gunfire at Israelis riding in their car in the Gaza Strip. A member of the Israeli security forces was also killed in the attack in Netanya.

In June, the death toll was five Palestinians, three Israeli civilians, and one member of the Israeli security forces.

Since the start of 2005, 112 Palestinians, 25 Israeli civilians and 5 members of the Israeli security forces were killed.

B'Tselem is concerned about the increase in the number of casualties on both sides, and warns against an escalation in the hostilities.