Zone North – Inter-cluster mission Tilkaif centre (31 January 2017)

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Following the military operation which brought the centre of Tilkeif under Government of Iraq control on 19 January 2017, OCHA fielded an inter-cluster mission (31 January 2017) to understand and verify the most pressing needs among the civilian population.

The objective of the mission was to follow-up on initial needs recorded by the UN SRA mission of 26 January, as well as the information on needs shared by NCCI with the Zonal Coordinator. Based on this, priority for mission was given to WASH, Health, Protection and Access. A visit by WFP was scheduled for 2 February in coordination with the Food Security Cluster, with findings shared in a separate report.

Along with OCHA, the mission included the UNICEF WASH Engineer, the Health cluster focal point for Dahuk (WHO), as well as the Dahuk Protection Cluster coordinator (UNHCR).

The convoy approached Tilkeif town from the southern side, utilizing the Khurseebat-Mosul highway, turning west for Ba’wizah just outside of Bybokht, and then back north towards Tilkeif.
The shorter route from the north, via Tel Usquf, could not be utilized due to the presence of IEDs and the related closure enforced by the KRG – Security Forces south of Batnaya.

The mission visited:

• the Tilkaif water supply pump sub-station which feeds the town network,

• the Primary Health Care Centre (PHCC),

• Chief of Police, Col. Nadir at the main Police station,

• two schools,

• a local market.

• Interviews were conducted with the local population at the market, at the water pumping sub-station and at the PHCC. Household level visits were discouraged on the day due to security concerns.

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