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World Concern assists refugees flowing into Jordan

SEATTLE - World Concern Relief Director Kelly Miller, who is en route to Jordan, phoned headquarters this morning to report that refugees had begun crossing into Jordan from Iraq. World Concern is already working to help these refugees, who have arrived at a camp being coordinated by World Concern and their partners.
"Right now there are already about 200 people that have come into the area where the camp is (being established)," said Miller. "The flow is starting. The high winds are still keeping them (World Concern partners) from getting the entire camp set up, so they're just establishing the tents that are needed to house those folks, but any other tents that they try to get set up get blown away by the wind. It's pretty harsh conditions."

Miller is traveling to the area with Peter Sundt, a man from western Washington who has joined the project as World Concern's Relief Manager. Sundt will help coordinate efforts between partner agencies and will co-manage the food sector of the camp. Jordanian officials have estimated that 5,000 refugees per day could arrive at the camp once military action is in full swing.

Sundt and Miller will be providing regular updates via satellite phone and email as the situation unfolds.

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