WHO Special Situation Report - Mosul Crisis, Iraq - Issue No 25: 25 June - 8 July 2017

from World Health Organization
Published on 16 Jul 2017 View Original


  • A new mobile medical clinic has been launched in Basheqa, Telkyef district to deliver emergency primary health care services for internally displaced persons (IDPs) from west Mosul.

  • The total consultations provided by the Primary Health Care Centers (PHCC) in the IDP camps and the mobile clinics for the IDPs from Mosul in and around Ninewa governorate has reached to 897409**** over a period of nine months from 17 October 2016. Almost 3% (15,326) of overall consultations were reported in the past two weeks and shows the consistent need of primary health care services for the IDPs.

  • WHO donated trauma kits to Hamam Al’ Alil field hospital and sixty seven body bags to the NGO partner New York City Medics for the Safe disposal of dead bodies.

  • Additional medicines were donated to International Medical Corps (IMC) sufficient for 4100 people in Khazer M1 and Jada’a camps and Gogjali primary health care centre (PHCC).

Situation Report

  • A total of 919 143 people have been displaced from Mosul since the start of the crisis in late 2016 to 06 July 2017. Almost 44,000 people reported to be newly displaced from Wet Mosul over the past 15 days from 21st June 2017 (source: Iraq Ministry of Displacement and Migration (MODM). Currently, 695 218 persons remained displaced from Mosul, 18 809 of them from east Mosul while more than 676 409 are displaced from west Mosul. More than 373 500 of IDPs are currently living in IDP camps in Ninewa and neighboring governorates of Erbil and Dahuk while 157 341 and 66 500 have since returned to their homes in east and west Mosul respectively.

  • Since 17 October, More than 10 000 trauma patients have been treated in all TSPs in East and west Mosul. A total of 108 trauma cases were recorded in trauma stabilization points (TSPs) in west Mosul from 24 June to 03 July 2017, this brings to 4168 injured patients treated by three of WHO’s implementing partners and other actors in west Mosul, among them more than 939 were moderately severe cases and 580 were severe cases (red). Some of them underwent multiple surgeries before they fully recover. Among the total trauma cases; 14% were women while 17% were children less than 18 years of age.

  • A total 9000 trauma patients from west Mosul have been treated in 6 hospitals including Athba, Hamam al’ Alil and Bartalla Field Hospitals, Emergency, West Emergency and Shikhan hospitals since 18 February, 27% children under the age of 15 years and 34% are female. As of 03 July 2017, a total 15 538 patients (more than 73% civilians; among them 55% were women and 28% children under the age of 15 years) have been referred to hospitals in Mosul and neighboring governorates