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WHO Special Situation Report - Mosul Crisis, Iraq - Issue #1: 1 - 7 January 2017

Situation Report
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  • WHO in collaboration with the Federal Ministry of Health (MOH) and the Kurdistan Regional Government MOH have supported Samaritan’s Purse to open a field hospital in Bartella in Ninawa governorate Mosul. The hospital will provide secondary health care to civilian patients injured in and out of Mosul city.

  • WHO donated four surgical kits enough for 400 surgical operations, four trauma kits enough for 400 trauma patients, one caravan, a generator, a laboratory refrigerator, referral and reporting forms to Bartella Field Hospital. In addition, 83 blood units were donated by the DOH Erbil and narcotic medicines by the federal MOH.

  • Since 17 October 2016 to 7 January 2017, a total of 2,967 casualty cases from Mosul have been recorded in two emergency hospitals Erbil. The increase was mainly noticeable in Emergency and West Emergency Hospitals in Erbil.

  • A donation of 15 pallets of medicines used to treat different ailments has been donated to the UN in Iraq by His Excellency Francois Holland, the President of France. The supplies were received by WHO on behalf of the UN in Erbil.

Situation update

  • As at 07 January 2017, the number of persons displaced as a result of the Mosul Operation since 17 October were 135,528 individuals. Since 19 October 2017 when IOM started tracking IDP movement the number of persons displaced have been increasing, refer to the displacement timeline. Most of the IDPs are displaced to Erbil, Dahuk, Kirkuk and safer areas within Ninawa, Salhuddin and Baghdad. As the IDP figures increase, so do the health needs and resources required to support the ongoing response.

  • In Dahuk, 2,572 new IDPs arrived to Nargizlia screening site in Shikhan district. Through WHO supported mobile medical teams (MMTs), 646 consultations were recorded, of whom 149 were children under 5 years old. There were no communicable diseases alerts recorded.

  • Over the past two weeks, the numbers of wounded patients have increased in hospitals in Erbil. This follows intensified operations in different districts East of Mosul. From 1 to 7 January 2017, Emergency and West Emergency Hospitals in Erbil have each received an average of 50 injured patients per day up from 32 cases received in the previous week. Since 17 October 2016 until 7 January 2017, the numbers of hospital based casualty cases registered in Erbil Emergency hospitals have reached 2,967 cases.