WHO Iraq daily briefing notes, 23 Mar 2003

News and Press Release
Originally published
UN humanitarian briefing in Amman, Jordan
Fadela Chaib, Spokeswoman for the World Health Organization (WHO)

The World Health Organization representative who is temporarily relocated in Jordan during the current conflict managed to talk to some of WHO national staff in Baghdad and the northern governorates in Erbil., Suleymenia and Dohuk. The WHO staff and offices are safe as of this morning according to our people.

The WHO offices are open and ready to provide any technical or logistical assistance to reduce the suffering of the civilian population. Two days ago, the ministry of health asked the WHO office in Baghdad to provide six WHO national pharmacists to help them manage the essential and emergency drugs departments.

Weeks ago, WHO assisted the Ministry of Health to train Emergency Mobile teams on how to manage complex emergency situations; control outbreak of disease and conduct rapid health assessment.

As I previously said, 15 Emergency Health Kits are already in place in Baghdad and others are stored in the three northern governorates. WHO with its partners have also pre-positioned medicines and other health supplies in neighbouring countries to be used inside or outside Iraq when need arises.