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WFP Iraq Country Brief, July 2020

Situation Report
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In Numbers

333,672 people assisted in July 2020*

0.12 mt of in-kind assistance distributed

USD 3.83 million distributed through cash-based transfers

USD 30.7 million six months net funding requirements (September 2020 – February 2021)

Operational Update & COVID-19 Response

• In July, WFP delivered cash-based assistance to 265,141 IDPs, 67,865 refugees, and 666 returnees and people from vulnerable communities, through Food for Assets (FFA) and livelihoods creation resilience programmes, reaching 90 percent of the operational plan in nine governorates. This included an additional 35,400 refugees and IDPs added as part of WFP’s scale-up to meet increased humanitarian needs during the COVID-19 pandemic. Ready-to-eat food packages of Immediate Response Rations were again distributed to a few quarantined households. WFP continues to consider appeals from families via helpdesks in camps, to be included in the August cycle of assistance.

• Curfews continue across the country. Limited working hours in government departments and banks, alongside liquidity issues, and some access restrictions for WFP’s Financial Service Provider (FSP) agents and transporters of in-kind food continue to cause some delays in WFP’s assistance to IDPs and refugees. WFP is continuing to advocate with local authorities and coordination bodies to secure approvals. Commercial flights resumed 23 July.

• There have been some cases of COVID-19 in IDP and refugee camps, but the local authorities reacted quickly and locked down camp sectors or entire camps before relaxing restrictions post-testing of residents, meaning that the cases have remained isolated. WFP has developed a guidance note on responding to quarantine cases in camps.

• The government has facilitated and supported the return of willing families to Sinjar in Ninewa governorate – where communities were severely affected during the conflict with the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL). Around 6,616 people returned from camps in Duhok, in addition to 4,905 individuals from out-of-camp locations, over the past weeks. WFP is monitoring and assessing the situation to gauge the need for enhanced support in Sinjar.

• The Ministry of Migration and Displacement (MoMD) continued to distribute assistance to the IDP camp population over the period January – July. WFP’s coordination is ongoing, providing smaller, complementary “top-ups” of assistance accordingly. This has resulted in savings of USD 8.9 million over the sevenmonth period.