WASH Cluster/Sector Iraq Strategic Operational Framework (SOF) 2022



This framework is a guide to WASH operation and Response for WASH Cluster partner agencies responding to the humanitarian requirements due to the ongoing crisis in Iraq for IDPs and returnees and the needs of Syrian refugees displaced due to the crisis in Syria. This Strategic Operational Framework (SOF) was drafted by the WASH Cluster team in collaboration with the Strategic Advisory Group (SAG) to ensure partner input. It is an update to the 2021 SOF that has been adapted to meet the changing context and facilitate use. The SOF aims to provide in one document all relevant standards and guidance for cluster and sector partners to ensure a more effective, efficient, and coherent response.

In 2022, the WASH Cluster and Sector response in Iraq is primarily targeting ten governorates: Duhok, Erbil, and Sulaymaniyah in the Kurdish Region of Iraq; and Ninewa, Kirkuk, Salah al Din, Diyala, Anbar, Baghdad, and Basra in the Federal Region of Iraq. WASH partners are working throughout these areas to meet the needs of IDPs in camp, IDPs out of camp, returnees, and refugees. The response will look to address meeting minimum WASH service provision needs of affected populations and looking at durable solutions for returnee and out of camp IDP populations to facilitate resilience and cluster transition.

This framework aims to provide partners with the ability to develop strategies according to their own mandates, capabilities, capacities, and comparative advantages, while at the same time providing a roadmap for coherent planning, evaluation, and monitoring. The WASH Cluster/Sector SOF will be formally reviewed by the Cluster Team and endorsed by the SAG yearly or as needed in case of a rapid shift in the response to ensure it reflects evolving needs and priorities.