UNOIP Weekly Update 31 Dec 1999

The Security Council adopted resolution 1281 (1999) on 10 December 1999, renewing the "oil for food" programme for another period of 180 days. This was followed on 11 December by an exchange of letters between the United Nations and the Government of Iraq, renewing the Memorandum of Understanding (S/1996/356) for another period of 180 days.
The United Nations has begun receiving contracts for the export of oil under phase VII. These contracts are being circulated to the 661 Committee. The pricing formula is expected to be submitted soon.

Discussions are underway in Baghdad between UNOHCI and the Government of Iraq regarding a distribution plan for phase VII. This plan is expected to be submitted shortly for the approval of the Secretary-General.

The value of contracts received for the export of humanitarian supplies to Iraq under phase VI has increased to $2936 million, which represents 84 per cent of the revised distribution plan allocation for that phase. Sectoral submissions that are below the phase VI average of 84 per cent include health (64 per cent), agriculture (73 per cent), water and sanitation (45 per cent), education (55 per cent), and transport and telecommunication (74 per cent). In the last week, 28 contracts were placed on hold , and 2 contracts for oil spares, 6 contracts for electricity equipment and 1 contracts for agriculture were removed from hold under phase VI. Holds, as a percentage of contracts circulated remain at 24 per cent.

Arrivals in Iraq this week included water pumps, broiler hatching eggs, library furniture and various electrical, medical and educational equipment.

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