UNOIP Weekly Update 30 Nov 1999

Situation Report
Originally published
Oil exports from Iraq for Phase VI ended on 24 November. Although additional exports were authorized by the Security Council in resolution 1266 (1999), to date the United Nations has received no new contracts nor amendments to existing contracts for the export of oil.
The Oil Overseer reports that during Phase VI, Iraq exported 389.6 million barrels with an estimated value of $7.457 billion. About 43% of the oil was exported from Ceyhan. Around 45% of the oil exported went to Europe, about 39% to the United States, about 14% to the Far East and the balance to Brazil and South Africa.

The Office of the Iraq Programme continues to receive, process and circulate applications for the approval of contracts for the import of humanitarian supplies and oil sector equipment.

As at 29 November, the OIP had received 1237 contracts for humanitarian supplies for Phase V. Of these 1102 have been circulated to the Security Council?s 661 Committee and 910 worth $1.52 billion have been approved and 192 worth $526 million put on hold.

For Phase VI, the OIP has received 1022 contracts worth $2.34 billion, and circulated 737 to the 661 Committee. Of these 509 worth $1.14 billion have been approved and 180 worth $344 million put on hold.

In the oil sector, the OIP has now received a total of 1466 contracts for phases IV to VI with a total value of $903 million. Of these contracts, 812 worth $409 million have been approved, and 337 worth $179.3 million placed on hold. To date around $165 million worth of oil sector spares and equipment have reached Iraq, comprising 40% by dollar value of the contracts approved.

Other arrivals in the past week included: 48,700 tonnes of wheat, six thousand tonnes of cooking oil, 85 tonnes of infant formula, a range of medicines, trucks, tractor tyres, pumps and cattle feed.