UNOIP Weekly Update 25 Jan 2000

Update for the period 15 to 21 January 2000
During the week ending 21 January 2000, Iraq exported a total of 13 million barrels of crude oil, in ten loadings, for an estimated revenue of $330 million dollars. Since oil exports under phase VII began there have been 67.3 million barrels exported for an estimated revenue of $1619 million.

In phase VII, the Security Council's 661 Committee has approved a total of 85 contracts for the sale of Iraqi oil with a total volume of 238.3 million barrels (139.1m Basrah Light, 99.2 m Kirkuk).

The Office of the Iraq Programme has now received 1559 contracts for humanitarian supplies worth $3.13 billion under phase VI. Of the 1078 contracts circulated to the Security Council's 661 Committee, 752 worth $1.40 billion have been approved. So far $1.57 billion worth of contracts for humanitarian supplies have been approved under phase IV and $1.57 billion under phase V.

At present there are 479 contracts worth $1.15 billion dollars for the purchase of humanitarian supplies on hold: in phase IV, 22 contracts worth $36.61 million dollars are on hold; in phase V, 168 contracts worth $495.2 million and in phase VI, 289 contracts worth $622.4 million.

From Phases IV to VI, OIP has received 2020 contracts worth $1.11 billion for the supply of oil industry spare parts and equipment. Of these contracts, the 661 Committee has approved 941 worth $ 467 million and put 468 worth $259.6 million on hold.

During the week, OIP submitted to the Iraq Sanctions Committee for its approval contracts for the supply of medicines and other health sector equipment; crane-equipped trucks, 160 garbage trucks, pumps, and graders in the water/sanitation sector; soya bean meal, tractor spares, hatchery spares, marsh excavators, tires, sprinklers, and fishing nets in the agriculture sector. In the oil sector there were contracts for well drilling equipment and chemicals, fire fighting foam and hoses, pumps and spares, well connection valves, flow speed governors, electrical cabling joints, mobile and emergency generators, water treatment and steam generation equipment, spares for boilers at Kirkuk, field instruments and metering systems, refinery measuring and control instruments, spares for gas turbines, pollution monitoring systems, safety equipment and fishing equipment - to recover equipment from wells.

Supplies purchased under the programme continue to arrive normally: Arrivals over the past week included: 38,080 tonnes of wheat, 61,130 tonnes of sugar and about 3,408 tonnes of powdered infant formula milk.

(note: a full listing of humanitarian and oil sector contracts for Phases V and VI and and their current status is available on the OIP website).

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