UNOIP Weekly Update 20 Dec 1999

During the period of 11 to 17 December 1999, 40 contracts were submitted for the export of Iraqi oil under phase VII of the "oil-for-food" programme. Nineteen contracts were approved by the 661 Committee, for a total volume of 92.9 million barrels (49.4 million barrels of Basrah Light and 43.5 million barrels of Kirkuk).
One loading was completed from the port of Mina Al-Bakr, totalling two million barrels with an estimated value of $47 million.

The Secretariat has now received a total of 1787 contracts for oil spare parts under phases IV to VI with a total value of $1.1 billion. Of these contracts, 852 worth $427 million have been approved and 380 worth $188 million placed on hold.

As at 20 December, the Secretariat had received 1243 contracts for humanitarian supplies under Phase V. Of these, 924 worth $1.53 billion have been approved and 177 worth $516 million have bee placed on hold. For Phase VI, the Secretariat had received 1245 contracts worth $2.69 billion. Of these, 600 worth $1.26 billion have been approved and 217 worth $426 million have been placed on hold.

No contracts for humanitarian supplies have been received under phase VII to date. The Government of Iraq is expected to submit it distribution plan for phase VII shortly, for the approval of the Secretary-General.

Supplies ordered under previous phases continued to arrive in Iraq. Arrivals in Iraq last week included 41,000 tonnes of wheat, 25,000 tonnes of sugar, over 6,000 tonnes of pulses, 4,000 tonnes of infant formula milk, as well as tractors and seeds for the agriculture sector.

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