UNOIP Weekly Update 11 - 17 Mar 2000

Situation Report
Originally published
During the period 11 to 17 March Iraq exported 13.9 million barrels of oil for an estimated revenue of $362 million dollars. This brings the total volume exported in Phase VII to 169.7 million barrels for revenue of around $4.209 billion.
There were no new contracts approved for the export of oil. To date there have been 96 contracts approved with a volume of 272.15 million barrels (165m Basrah Light and 107.1 Kirkuk). There are four additional contracts pending.

On the humanitarian side, the Security Council's 661 Committee has approved $5.17 billion dollars worth of contracts in Phases IV to VII and put $1.4 billion on hold for the same period.

Ninety-five contracts for humanitarian supplies, under phases VI and VII, worth $382.7 million, have been approved since the United Nations began implementation of the accelerated procedures for the approval of contracts for humanitarian supplies for Iraq on 1 March 2000. These procedures were mandated in resolution 1284 (1999)

In Phases IV to VII, OIP has received a total of 2234 contracts worth $1.27 billion for the supply of oil industry spare parts and equipment. Of these contracts, the 661 Committee has approved 1212, worth $631.2 million and put 594, worth $343.8 million, on hold. The remainder are still being processed by the OIP or are being considered by the Committee.

Humanitarian supplies and equipment for the oil industry continue to arrive normally through the three land border points and the Iraqi port of Umm Qasr. Arrivals in the past week included: 68,000 tonnes of wheat, 6,216 tonnes of rice, 21,000 tonnes of sugar and 9,734 tonnes of cooking iodised salt plus a range of medicines and pharmaceutical products. Other arrivals included broiler hatching eggs and liquified chlorine gas.

(note: a full listing of humanitarian and oil sector contracts for Phases V , VI and VII and their current status is available on the OIP website)..

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