UNOIP Weekly Update 01 Feb 2000

Update for the period 22 to 28 January 2000
During the week to 28 January, Iraq exported a total of 9.8 million barrels of crude oil, in ten loadings, for estimated revenue of $243 million dollars. Since oil exports under phase VII began there have been 77.1 million barrels exported for estimated revenue of $1812 million.

In phase VII, the Security Council's 661 Committee has approved a total of 90 contracts for the sale of Iraqi oil with a total volume of 252.4 million barrels (149 m Basrah Light, 103.4m Kirkuk).

The Office of the Iraq Programme has now received 1607 contracts for humanitarian supplies worth $3.18 billion under phase VI. Of the 1159 contracts circulated to the Security Council's 661 Committee, 774 worth $1.45 billion have been approved. So far $1.57 billion worth of contracts for humanitarian supplies have been approved under phase IV and $1.57 billion under phase V.

At present there are 516 contracts worth $1.26 billion dollars for the purchase of humanitarian supplies on hold: in phase IV, 22 contracts worth $36.61 million dollars are on hold; in phase V, 177 contracts worth $541 million and in phase VI, 320 contracts worth $685.3 million.

In Phases IV to VI, OIP has received 2043 contracts worth $1.12 billion for the supply of oil industry spare parts and equipment. Of these contracts, the 661 Committee has approved 969 worth $ 483.2 million and put 495 worth $288.8 million on hold.

The hold on an important medical contract was lifted this week. The contract was with a German company for 14 diagnostic computerised tomograph or CAT-scan machines worth $16.5 million. The hold was lifted after some sophisticated computer viewing tools were deleted from the contract.

Supplies purchased under the programme continue to arrive normally: Arrivals over the past week included medicines, polio oral vaccines, transportation trucks and oil spare parts.

(note: a full listing of humanitarian and oil sector contracts for Phases V and VI and and their current status is available on the OIP website).

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