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UNHCR, supported by the Government and people of Turkey, distributes humanitarian assistance to people displaced by the Anbar crisis

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BAGHDAD, Iraq 24 April 2014: Today the delegation from the Embassy of the Republic of Turkey in Iraq, led by the Ambassador, his Excellency Faruk Kaymakci, visited Mansour district of Baghdad where UNHCR started another round of distribution of core relief items kits to people displaced by the Anbar crisis. In this round UNHCR will distribute some 1,800 core relief items kits to families (in total some 12,000 people) who left Fallujah and Ramadi due to the conflict and found refuge with local communities in other parts of Iraq.

As a result of the Anbar crisis, it is estimated that almost 440,000 people have been displaced from their homes since January 2014, 80 per cent of them within Anbar Governorate and 20 per cent in other Governorates. The Government of Iraq, supported by the United Nations, is leading the humanitarian response to the crisis. Information collected through assessments carried out by humanitarian actors, including UNHCR and local NGOs, reveals that the most immediate needs of the displaced population are core relief items, food, water and shelter, and the initial humanitarian response have focused on addressing these needs.

Many families fled their homes without personal belongings and lack basic items, therefore Turkey funded provision of 1,800 kits to families, each containing a quilt, mattress, stove, kitchen set, plastic sheet, water jerry can, hygiene kit and kerosene jerry can.

During the visit to Mansour, the Ambassador of Turkey, accompanied by UNHCR Senior Field Coordinator

Ravi Solanki, discussed humanitarian needs with displaced people. H.E. Mr. Kaymakci pointed out that Turkey and Iraq are brother countries and Turkey will always stand by Iraqis both in good and bad times.

Thanks to the UNHCR personnel for their committed efforts in the distribution of the Turkish relief assistance, he expressed his wishes that the Anbar crisis be solved and displaced people return their homes soon.

Displaced people expressed their gratitude to the Government and people of Turkey as well as UNHCR and noted that the core relief items would help them and host families to survive through difficult times.