UNHCR Press Release, 15 June 2021

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A UNHCR delegation headed by the Representative in Iraq, Ms. Philippa Candler, visited the Governor of Erbil, Mr. Omed Abdulrahman Hassan.

They discussed cooperation and humanitarian assistance to refugees and internally displaced persons living in Erbil governorate, in particular UNHCRs structural contributions to towns hosting refugee camps. UNHCR will increase its engagement with local communities that has opened their doors to refugees and undertakes to work with the government to improve the services and infrastructure in towns in Erbil hosting refugee camps. The Governor reaffirmed his commitment towards supporting persons forced to flee their homes who have found shelter in Erbil. During the meeting the Governor presented UNHCR with a plaque as a tangible sign of his appreciation of the role and contributions of the organization.

"This plaque is a reflection of the strong and positive cooperation between the Government and UNHCR in Erbil. I appreciate the commitment of the Governor of Erbil to protect and support the 135,000 refugees living in Erbil Governorate - half of all refugees in the country. UNHCR will continue to work closely with the Governor and his team in support of refugees and the areas in the governorate generously hosting them,” Philippa Candler said.