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UNHCR Inter-Agency Operational Update – Iraq, 27 January 2020



Since the start of military action in North East Syria (NES) on 9 October, 19,861 individuals have crossed into the KR-I seeking refuge.

8,519 Syrian refugees have obtained clearance to reunite with family members in KR-I, or to otherwise reside outside of camps.

A total of 809 new arrivals have voluntarily returned to Syria in recent weeks.

Operational Context

As the situation remains unstable in North East Syria, Syrian refugees continue to flee their homes and seek safety across the border in neighbouring Iraq. Refugees continue to cross through two main informal points, Sehela and Al Walid. The average of new arrivals has decreased in recent weeks, to reach 46 individuals per day. Bardarash and Gawilan camps continue to receive new arrivals, depending on the availability of space, currently, most of the new arrivals are hosted in Bardarash. It is worth noting that as more Assayesh clearances are coming through, refugees can reunite with their families in the urban areas. Weekly camp coordination and fortnightly protection coordination meetings continue in Bardarash, in addition to a monthly inter-agency coordination meeting in Duhok.