UN Special Representative Patten welcomes Iraqi Yazidi Survivors’ Law and calls for its swift and full implementation to benefit survivors of sexual violence perpetrated by ISIL

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United Nations Under-Secretary-General and Special Representative of the Secretary-General on Sexual Violence in Conflict, Ms. Pramila Patten, welcomes the adoption on 1 March 2021 of the Yazidi Survivors’ Law by the Iraqi Council of Representatives. This new law provides for, inter alia, measures of reparation, rehabilitation, and reintegration for victims/survivors from the Yazidi, Turkmen, Christian, and Shabak communities of abductions and other crimes including sexual violence committed by ISIL.

“The provision of pensions, land, education, as well as a quota in public sector employment for survivors of ISIL, including survivors of sexual violence crimes, is a major milestone for transitional justice in Iraq,” said Special Representative Patten. “The legal provision declaring that ISIL’s policy of rape and sexual slavery against Yazidis and other minority groups including the Turkmen, Shabak and Christian communities, constitutes genocide and crimes against humanity is an important recognition for survivors and a direct rebuke by the Iraqi people of
ISIL’s heinous crimes,” emphasized Special Representative Patten.

“The Yazidi Survivors Law is a tribute to all the brave survivors of ISIL’s sexual violence who have come forward to demand justice and reparations for the crimes committed against them and their communities. When the voices of survivors are heeded by national authorities, and support by the international community is provided, we see genuine progress against these crimes. I continue to pledge the support of my mandate to the Iraqi government, in pursuit of their efforts to deliver holistic, survivor-centered justice in the wake of ISIL,” concluded Special Representative Patten.

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