UN’s Kubiš Welcomes Election by the CoR of Speaker and Deputies and Urges Expeditious Steps to Elect President and Prime Minister [EN/AR/KU]


Baghdad, Iraq, 16 September 2018 - The Special Representative of the United Nations Secretary-General for Iraq, Mr. Ján Kubiš, welcomes the election by the Council of Representatives (CoR) of its Speaker and two deputies. He congratulates the elected officials, Speaker Mohammed al-Halbousi and deputies Hassan al-Kaabi and Basheer al-Haddad. The United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI) looks forward to working with the new parliamentary leadership and the CoR and is ready to offer any required assistance.

The Special representative appreciates the perseverance of the interim Speaker who chaired the session and applauds the sense of responsibility that motivated the candidates to compete for the leadership positions in the CoR. While taking note of the results of the votes and congratulating the elected officials, Mr. Kubiš expresses his deep disappointment that none of the eminently qualified women made it to the CoR Speakership, and urges the MPs and political leaders to be true to their pledges and elect women to other leadership positions in the CoR and to ministerial and other senior positions in the future government.

The Special Representative urges the political forces and blocs to expeditiously proceed, in adherence to the constitutional timelines, with the process of electing the President of the Republic then the Prime Minister, to be followed by the formation of a pro-reform, non-sectarian patriotic national government that will be based on partnership cooperation of diverse components and groups of Iraq, away from the sectarian quotas and corruption. Only such a government can regain the confidence of the people, swiftly act to fulfill their demands for improved public services, jobs, economic development and reform, protect the interests of Iraq, and ensure full respect for its sovereignty and independence.

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