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UN observer mission pulls non-essential staff from posts along Iraq-Kuwait border

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The United Nations mission monitoring the demilitarized zone (DMZ) along the Iraq-Kuwait border said today it has pulled non-essential staff from their posts, relocating them to Kuwait City.
"This is an ongoing process to carry out contingency arrangements, which includes withdrawal of UNIKOM personnel safely from the DMZ in the event of the Mission becoming unable to carry out its mandate in the DMZ," said a statement issued by the UN Iraq-Kuwait Observation Mission (UNIKOM).

The Mission said its remaining military and civilian staff continues to carry out activities from the DMZ with administrative support from UNIKOM's offices in the Kuwaiti capital.

As part of the Mission's security plan, some of the UN military observers stationed in remote and isolated patrol and observations bases (POB) on both sides of the DMZ are also being relocated temporarily to sector headquarters. Unneeded assets and equipment have been moved and stored in a secure facility under arrangement with the Kuwaiti authorities.

The Mission added that routine helicopter and maritime operations have been suspended, although radar surveillance in the maritime sector is continuing.