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Trapped! Unlocking the future of Iraqi refugee children



Iraqi children are among the most distressed refugee populations worldwide. Years of daily violence continues to wreak untold damage to their physical and mental health, shattering young lives. Without legal status, psychological rehabilitation, proper education and medical assistance, this devastated and scattered generation is trapped with little hope for the future unless meaningful assistance is provided by the international community.

Up to two million Iraqis are dispersed across the Middle East, including in Jordan, Syria, Egypt and Lebanon. Combined with the four million Palestinians who have sought refuge in the last half century, the Iraq crisis has converted the Middle East into the largest refugee-hosting region in the world.

An unseen generation of young refugees is hiding across the region. They are trapped in their homes, unable to attend school, and carry the psychological scars of untold violence.

Without proper assistance, the implications for regional stability are far reaching and will be felt socially, politically and economically for years to come.

World Vision is joining the call to end the entrapment of these families - in particular the children. With no end in sight to the current conflict, these children will become a lost generation if the international community does not respond appropriately and significantly.

Dave Robinson
Regional Vice President Middle East and Eastern Europe,
World Vision

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