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Syria Situation Bi-Weekly update No. 37, 20 February - 5 March 2013

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Syrian response in Iraq: highlights

  • A total of 106,827 Syrian refugees are now registered in Iraq of which 99,138 are in the KR

  • Around 928 new Syrians arrive daily with 12,997 recorded in the KR during the reporting period

  • The security situation in Hasaka Governorate is generating a steady increase in daily new arrivals and UNHCR is monitoring the situation to address increasing registration needs

  • Domiz camp is critically overcrowded with thousands of families having to share tents and is generating tension and conflict among the persons of concern

  • Two new refugee camp locations are under discussion in Erbil and in Sulaymaniyah and under technical assessment between the KRG, UNHCR and partners

  • The distribution of in-kind donations received during the Kurdsat TV/UNHCR campaign started on 5 March in Erbil and distribution will soon follow in Dohuk and Sulaymaniyah for urban refugees

  • The Al Qa’im border remains closed for Syrians seeking asylum in Iraq while UNHCR, other agencies and partners continue to advocate for it to be opened

  • Camp 3 in Al Qa’im is ready to receive 4,500 new refugees

  • The Al Rabhia border was closed despite intense fighting on the Syrian side

  • The MoE launched school feeding programmes in the two open schools in Domiz camp