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Syria Situation Bi-Monthly update No. 35, 23 January - 5 February 2013

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  1. Overview

Syrian Refugees

A total of 83,958 Syrian refugees are now registered in Iraq. In Al Qa’im, Anbar governorate, the population decreased again slightly during the reporting period to 8,849. The number of Syrian refugees in the Kurdistan Region (KR), Erbil, Dohuk and Sulaymaniah governorates, is 74,994. There are 115 registered Syrian refugees in other governorates.

The Al-Qa'im border closure remains of serious concern although exceptions continued for medical emergencies and family reunification. Voluntary repatriation to Syria continues to be recorded, bringing the total number of Syrians repatriated to 367 households, (1,752 individuals).

A total of 7,319 new Syrian arrivals were recorded in the KR during the reported period with an average of more than 500 individuals on daily basis. Currently, Domiz Camp in the KR is hosting an estimated 30,000 people. This number decreased from the last reporting period as a result of families and individuals moving from the camp to urban settings.