Syria Crisis Response - IOM Iraq Bi-weekly Report, 23 Oct. - 4 Nov. 2013

from International Organization for Migration
Published on 04 Nov 2013

Inter-Camp Movements for the reporting period

At the request of Kurdistan Regional authorities, IOM transported families between transitional sites in northern Iraq.

On 24 October, IOM transported 85 Syrian families (361 individuals) from Qasrok to Akre Citadel.
These families had been living in a sports stadium and youth center, some living with more than 10 individuals to each room of the center while others had been without a tent for 40 days.

On 4 November, IOM transported 75 Syrian families (420 individuals) from Zakho sub district to Guelam. For 30 days, these families had lived in abandoned houses, mosques and youth centers under dire conditions while awaiting relocation.

The Kurdistan Regional Government announced four permanent camp locations in Erbil. IOM continues to coordinate with authorities to provide transportation to Syrian refugees between camp sites.

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