Syria: 3RP Regional Monthly Dashboard - November 2017: Protection

from UN High Commissioner for Refugees
Published on 30 Nov 2017 View Original

The number of Syrian refugees in the region rose to 5.4 million at the end of November 2017. There are now over 3.3 million Syrian refugees registered refugees in Turkey, over 1 million in Lebanon, some 650,000 in Jordan, almost 245,000 in Iraq and above 125,000 in Egypt, indicating the generosity of host countries across the region. Highlights of the Protection Sector across the region in November include:

A regional study into sexual violence against men and boys in the Syria crisis was released. The study entitled “We keep it in our heart” found that Sexual violence and torture of men and boys in Syria by multiple parties to the conflict appears to be far more widespread than previously understood. The study was commissioned by UNHCR and involved informant interviews and focus group discussions in Iraq, Lebanon and Jordan. It was mainly conducted in late 2016. In Iraq, a guidance note was issued and presented to the GBV sub cluster on the practice of survival sex, including contributing factors and tips on how to tackle it in the field. Numerous INGOs and UN agencies are involved in the process. In Turkey, almost 54,000 Syrians were reached through information campaigns, participatory assessments, activities to raise public awareness on rights, entitlements, services and assistance (including on social cohesion). In Egypt, three training workshops were organized on “sustainability and volunteer management”, “networking and public relations”, and “monitoring and evaluation” for a total of 199 refugees representing 85 community groups. In Jordan, a 5 day training on inter-agency standard operating procedures was organized for key national governmental agencies and NGOs as well as INGOs representing the Child Protection and SGBV sub working groups.