Syria: 3RP Regional Monthly Dashboard - April 2017: Health and Nutrition

from UN High Commissioner for Refugees
Published on 30 Apr 2017 View Original

The 3RP spans a range of activities from direct interventions that ensure short-term critical needs of Syrian refugees are met, through support for primary, secondary, and tertiary health services both in camps, rural and urban settings and systematic investments that reinforce the capacity of national health systems. Increasing access to reproductive and new-born health services, routine immunization, trauma and rehabilitation, and care for the disabled, mental health, outbreak control, management of non-communicable diseases and nutrition services are priority areas of intervention under the 3RP. Building robust health information systems and logistics networks that include Syrian refugees are also key to ensuring the health response continues to be as needsbased as possible. Equitable access to quality and continuous care regardless of refugee status is also a critical component of the health sector strategy.

By the end of April, 798,800 primary health care consultations provided, which represents 15 per cent of the overall target for 2017. Some 44,000 were referred to secondary or tertiary health care. Also during the same period, 334,795 children received immunization and 16,629 health care staff were trained.