Stop Hunger Now announces plan to fight hunger in Iraq

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RALEIGH - Stop Hunger Now, the Raleigh-based hunger relief organization, has launched the 20-4-4 Iraq Crisis Appeal to help relieve hunger in Iraq. Under the plan, emergency food boxes can be prepared for $20, each of which can feed an Iraqi family of four for four weeks.
Stop Hunger Now has already established working partnerships with two humanitarian organizations, the Middle East Council of Churches and the Islamic Relief Association, to provide emergency food aid in the region. With this partnership, they have committed to a relief plan to feed Iraqis who would otherwise suffer immensely from conflict in Iraq.

The entire Iraqi population receives food rations from the government. According to the United Nations Children's Fund, nearly 80% of Iraqis are dependent on these government rations for their survival. Should conflict in Iraq commence, it is estimated that the government food distribution system would collapse within one week, thus leaving 80% of the population under the imminent threat of hunger and famine.

Stop Hunger Now is already supplying emergency food boxes to assist in food stockpiles at likely refugee camps in Jordan and is providing emergency food aid in Iraq itself. More information on the 20-4-4 Iraq Crisis Appeal can be obtained by visiting the Stop Hunger Now web site at, or by calling toll-free: 888.501.8440.

Established in 1998, Stop Hunger Now is a 501-(c)(3) international relief organization that coordinates the distribution of emergency food and life-saving aid worldwide. Since its founding, the organization has provided more than $18 million worth of aid to people in over 40 impoverished countries. For more information on the work in Iraq, or to learn more about Stop Hunger Now's efforts in dozens of other countries worldwide, please call toll-free: 888-501-8440, e-mail:, or visit its web site at

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