Status Report - A Biweekly Review of Developments in Iraq, May 26, 2011


Politics and Diplomacy

Baghdad Provincial Council Members Visit Washington: Seven members of the Baghdad Provincial Council, including representatives from the rural services, agriculture, education, and tourism committees, visited the U.S. Department of State Headquarters in Washington, DC.
They met with the Deputy Assistant Secretary (DAS) for Iraq Affairs, Michael Corbin, as well as representatives from the political, political-military, economic, and the provincial reconstruction and transition pillars from the Iraq Office of the Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs. DAS Corbin led a lively discussion on the U.S.-Iraq partnership in police and military training, continuing economic advancements, and political maturation and freedom of the press in Iraq. Provincial Council participants discussed challenges facing their country, including unemployment, corruption, and the growing pains associated with nurturing a free and democratic civil society.
The Baghdad Provincial Council members were grateful for the opportunity to speak with their U.S. Government partners and share their experiences as members of a provincial council.
Following their stay in Washington, DC, the delegation traveled to Baltimore and Denver to take part in workshops and other meetings. (NEA-I; NEA-I-IPOG)