Special situation Report Issue Number 2 - Ramadi, IRAQ, April 24 2015

Situation Report
Originally published


1. Highlights

  • The security situation in Al-Ramadi worsened on 18 April 2015. As a result thousands of internally displaced persons (IDPs) fled from Al-Ramadi (Al boferage, Al Sofiya and Al Garma districts) to Al-Khaldia, Amriate Al-Fallujah, Al-Habanyia tourist city, Baghdad, Babil and Diwaniah. Following the displacement into various places, the government and UN partners stepped up efforts to support those displaced. Camps were erected in various placed while some displaced people moved in with relatives in host communities and other are being accommodated in mosques.

  • Additional 149 families displaced families from Ramadi arrived Smawa, Muthana governorate in this reporting period with more expected in the governorate.

  • Ramadi general hospital has re-opened its operations in Al Khalidiah to substitute Al Rashid private hospital; rented by Anbar governorate.

  • In Baghdad, mobile teams from health facilities nearest to areas where IDPs are currently sheltering are providing outreach health services the displaced people

  • Ramadi General Hospital, and Ramadi Maternity and paediatric hospital remain closed for the past five days of the crisis due to insecurity.

  • In Al-Anbar, the Directorate of Health (DOH) continued renting a private hospital in Al Khaldiyah used to manage patients displaced from Ramadi. Health workers displaced from Ramadi have been asked to provide health care in the rented hospital.