Special situation Report Issue Number 1 - Ramadi, IRAQ, April 21 2015



  • The security situation in Al-Ramadi has continued to further deteriorate over the past four days. Thousands of Internally displaced persons (IDPs) fleeing from Al-Ramadi (Al boferage , Al Sofiya and Al Garma districts) are moving to Al-Khaldia, Amriate AlFallujah,
    Al-Habanyia tourist city, Baghdad, Babil and Diwaniah. An estimated 60 new IDPs families arrived Diwaniah from Anbar. Karbala is also holding discussions to explore possibilities of accepting new IDPs; Najaf declined to accept additional refugees.

  • Two camps are under construction in Amriate Al-Falluja, where an estimated 27 000 IDP families are currently displaced. One of the camps is being constructed near the bridge.

  • Those displaced to Baghdad are either living with relatives or in mosques within Baghdad. The actually number of each group have not yet been established. However figures available indicate that an estimated 1700 displaced families have since crossed into Baghdad in the past two days from Al-Ramadi.

  • Construction of the following camps have been planned for in which IDPs currently leaving in mosques will be moved to, the planned camps include; Al-Radwanyia to be constructed by Ministry of Displacement and Migration (MODM), Al-Yossifyia, (MODM), Al Latifiah (Al Qamar housing complex with an estimated 1500 houses), AlJam'aa (MODM), Doura (MODM), Bezaibiz bridge to be constructed by IOM, Abu ghraib city ( MODM); AL- Rasheed district(Baghdad governorate ), and Hoor REGAB district ( MODM).

  • Ramadi General Hospital, and Ramadi Maternity and paediatric hospital have been closed for the past three days of the crisis due to insecurity

  • In Al-Anbar, the Directorate of Health (DOH) is renting a private hospital in Al Khaldiyah used to manage patients displaced from Ramadi. Health workers displaced from Ramadi have been asked to provide health care in the rented hospital.

  • A total of 1850 families have entered Sulyeimaniah governorate through Kalar, 2407 of these have been registered by Asyayesh and will be sent to Arbat; 100 families were sent to Sulyeimaniyah city while 40 families have been given police papers to go to Darbandikhan.