Regional Overview: RRP5 Update - September 2013: Shelter

from UN High Commissioner for Refugees
Published on 30 Sep 2013 View Original


The shelter needs among the Syrian refugee population in host countries is one of the most pressing problems of the crisis. Families are currently accommodated in tents or containers in camp settings, in host families, rental accommodation and collective centers. An increasing number of refugees are forced to find shelter in inadequate, makeshift shelter conditions, such as vacant factories or buildings. Shelter accommodation is frequently not durable as savings are depleted, rents increased and the family is forced to move. Overcrowding, substandard living conditions and unsustainable shelter (due to rents or host fatigue) are chronic concerns.

Within the overall objective to provide the most vulnerable with adequate shelter, Shelter sector working groups have identified a number of different interventions to pursue to meet shelter needs. These include the rehabilitation of collective shelters, apartments and houses, provision shelter and weather proofing kits to improve unfinished houses, provision of caravans/tents in camp settings, provision of cash assistance to support the most vulnerable families to assist in covering rental costs and basic rehabilitation to make makeshift accommodation habitable when possible.