Refugee Influx into the Kurdistan region of Iraq, REACH Situation Report - September 5th, 2013

from UN High Commissioner for Refugees, REACH Initiative
Published on 05 Sep 2013 View Original

REACH’s KRG Situation Reports
The current report is produced, in partnership with UNHCR, based on information collected by REACH teams in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq through field assessments, as well as semi-structured interviews with authorities and humanitarian stakeholders. The aim of the report is to share REACH’s understanding, as of September 5th, of humanitarian challenges and response to the new influx of Syrian refugees in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq since August 15th.

This Situation Report details findings of assessments conducted by REACH between 26th August and 5th September in the four Erbil sites (Basirma, Baharka, Kawargosk, and Qushtapa), the one Sulemanya site (Arbat), and the two newly established Ninewa sites (Bardarash and Aqra) where newly-arrived refugees have been settled. For each site, the report also provides population numbers as well as a facilities map.

The next REACH Situation Report will detail findings of a WASH baseline assessment, requested by the WASH sector, due to be conducted in all sites in which newly-arrived refugees have been settled since the influx beginning on August 15th.

In addition to conducting situational assessments, REACH teams are closely involved with supporting site planning for all camps in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq (maps providing geo-referenced information available upon request).