Post Distribution Monitoring for the Voucher Distribution Project

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As JEN’s winterization item voucher distribution project came to a completion, JEN’s staff conducted a post-distribution monitoring survey targeting 93 families out of the 293 families who received the vouchers. Post-distribution monitoring allows JEN to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the project and sheds light to the impact of the assistance. This was particularly important to JEN, as this voucher distribution was the first time JEN participated in cash assistance projects.

Overall, the reception by the IDPs for the voucher project was very positive. All 293 families who received the vouchers used all of their voucher amount. The most popular items were blankets, kerosene and winter clothes. Some families bought multiple heaters to keep their homes warm. Most of the families went shopping 1-3 days after they received the vouchers from JEN in the middle of February. All 93 families interviewed said that the items selected and the timing for the voucher project was appropriate.

Talking about the items, 89% of the families asked aid that the quality of the items was good, but over 50% of the respondents reported that the price of items were a little too high for the amount of vouchers received.

Finally, 22% reported that the assistance helped them significantly and 77% reported that the assistance helped moderately. As a result of the winterization assistance, 88% of the families were able to stay warmer and 76% of the families reported that their health conditions improved.

From the vendors’ perspectives, they were happy that the voucher assistance projects increased the number of IDPs visiting the store and they would participated.