People in Need in Iraq - Jan/Feb 2007

from People in Need
Published on 28 Feb 2007
People in Need

People in Need (PIN) is a Czech non-profit, non-governmental organization whose mission statement is to inspire a largeness of spirit in Czech society and around the world by helping others in need and by promoting democratic freedoms for all. PIN is a major advocate of democratic inclusion both in the Czech Republic and abroad, and in its 15 years of existence, has worked in 37 countries worldwide.

PIN came to Iraq in April 2003 and set up its main office in Al Amarah, Missan Province. PIN has carried out reconstruction works in educational and health sector facilities. PIN has also implemented projects in water and sanitation and health sectors. From the beginning of its presence in Iraq, PIN has been carrying out activities in capacity building of the Iraqi civil society. One of the goals of these activities is to share the Czech and Eastern European experience of the transition to democracy with Iraqi citizens.

Special mention for film about Iraq on PIN One World Film Festival

From February 28 to March 8, 2007, PIN held in Prague, Czech Republic the ninth edition of the One World International Documentary Film Festival. In keeping with tradition, the festival was organized under the auspices of Václav Havel. This year the festival featured 123 documentaries from 34 countries all around the world. The jury offered special mention to the exceptionally skilfully short documentary Sari's Mother, which with respect and empathy illustrates the desperate personal drama of a mother - a victim of the invisible war in Iraq. Because of the war and its destructive effect on the Iraqi infrastructure medical care which is a matter of life or death is unavailable for Sari. Lear more about One World film festival at

Capacity Building of Civil Society/Media/Local Governance Sector

Project - Empowering CSOs to Bridge Government and Citizens in Southern Iraq [funded by NED]

The overall objective of the project is to support the democratic process in Iraq through improving dialogue between citizens and local government. The specific objectives include empowering local CSOs to become a link between citizens and government, and encouraging citizens to play a larger role in the discussion of local issues. Nine CSOs will be selected in the governorates in the South of Iraq, trained and awarded with small grants in order to work as facilitators in communication and cooperation between Iraqi citizens and the local government.

PIN has concluded the survey among representatives of local authorities in governorates of Missan, Basrah and Thi Qar. The survey focused on attitudes of local governance representatives towards CSOs and level of current citizen cooperation. Outcomes of the survey will be used for drafting materials used for training of the CSOs on community facilitation. Following the survey PIN launched the selection process of CSOs from Missan, Basrah and Thi Qar which will participate in the project.