Operation USA responds to Iraq's health emergency

Operation USA announced today (February 18, 2003) that it was preparing an emergency airlift to Iraq to resupply the country's devastated health care system. Due to the U.S. embargo on Iraq and the United Nations sanctions in effect, the airlift will of necessity take place after the current political-military crisis has eased. If war does take place, Operation USA will send in supplies immediately afterwards; if war is sensibly and happily avoided, Operation USA supplies will flow once the necessary approvals are granted from various authorities controlling access to Iraq.

Our partners in this effort are International Medical Corps, Mercy Corps and the various United Nations agencies. We are not funded by the US government.

Operation USA was active in 1991-1995 before and after the first Gulf War assisting refugees from Kuwait in refugee camps on the Iraq-Jordan border; aiding displaced Kurds in northern Iraq and helping provide emergency food supplements to children in Baghdad. We have worked in the Middle East since 1982 providing medical assistance to refugees and displaced persons in Lebanon, the West Bank/Gaza and Jordan.