OCHA Flash Update Iraq Crisis – Ramadi Displacement No. 5 | 23 April 2015

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  1. The Iraqi Government estimates that 19,058 families (about 114,000 individuals) have been displaced from Ramadi District and surrounding areas in Anbar Governorate as of 23 April (10 :0). Of these , approximately 2,000 families have been displaced within Anbar Governorate, 13,251 families to Baghdad Governorate , 1,000 families to Babylon Governorate , and 2,807 families to Sulaymaniyah Governorate.

  2. Currently assess ed figures by humanitarian partners suggest 17,489 families (about 104,934 people) displaced from Ramadi District and surrounding areas in Anbar Governorate. This figure also includes some 230 families in Diyala Governorate , 54 families in Wassit Governorate, 34 in Najaf Governorate and about 400 families in Erbil Governorate.

  3. Approximately 1,800 families have returned to the town of Ramadi, the Anbar Provincial Council announced. They have situated themselves mainly in the residential sector of Ramadi , known as Soccer Field.

  4. The two main hospitals in Ramadi remain closed, with resulting implications on the referral and treatment of serious cases from clinic s and health centres which are currently providing services.

  5. Humanitarian partners have assisted almost 80,000 people with Immediate Response Rations ( IRRs) and Rapid Response Mechanism ( RRM) kits as of 22 April.

  6. More than 16,000 people have benefitted from the distribution of over 2,600 core relief item (CRI) and non - food i tem (NFI) kits .

  7. Mobile medical units are positioned at IDP locations and in transit areas to provide primary health care services .

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