OCHA Flash Update Iraq Crisis – Ramadi Displacement No. 4 | 22 April 2015

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  1. The Iraqi Government estimate s 16,701 families have been displaced from Ramadi District, and surrounding areas in Anbar Governorate, as of April (17:00). Of these, approximately 2,000 families were displaced within Anbar, 13,251 to Baghdad, 1,000 to Babylon, and 450 to Sulaymaniyah governorates.
    Field reports suggested that fewer numbers of internally displaced persons ( IDPs ) have also displaced to Najaf (34), Kerbala (600), Qadissiya, Erbil (405), and Wassit (54) governorates. The majority of new arrivals are dispersed across numerous unidentified locations, hampering rapid response efforts by both government and humanitarian agencies.

  2. On April, reports suggest that about 4 00 IDPs from Ramadi District have fled to Erbil Governorate on flights from Baghdad. Flights from the Iraqi capital to Erbil remain fully booked with hundreds of people waitlisted, according to Iraqi Airways , the national carrier.

  3. Unconfirmed reports suggest that 130 families from Anbar Governorate fled to Qadissiya Governorate. Of these, 25 families are accommodated in a housing complex in Diwaniyah City Center, 65 families are sheltered in buildings and mosques in Um Tabashi village , and 40 families are i n the town of Daghara .

  4. Security authorities estimate that 100 families have returned to Anbar Governorate , including to A l - Habbaniyah Tourism C ity, Khalidiyah, Ramadi and Amiriyat Al - Fallujah .

  5. On 20 April, IDPs in Diyala Governorate were prevented from entering Sulaymaniyah Governorate due to the c losure of all three checkpoints (Salah Agha, Kashkan, Sheikh Langer) , except for urgent medical cases.

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