OCHA Flash Update Iraq Crisis – Ramadi Displacement No. 3 | 19 May 2015

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  1. Ramadi City has remained under the control of ISIL since 17 May 2015.

  2. ISIL have moved eastwards towards al Khalidiyah and al Habbaniyah, in particular towards the Habbaniyah Airbase, from which US troops have recently evacuated. It is reported that some 3,000 Popular Mobilisation Forces (PMF) are deploying to the Habbaniyah Airbase.

  3. The Airbase, which is only 13 kilometers from Habbaniyah Tourist Village, is being impacted by indirect fire. The Tourist Village is one of the main sites of IDP concentration, hosting some 300 newly displaced families in addition to the families that fled there during April this year.

  4. WHO reported on 19 May that the Khaldiyah Emergency Hospital has suffered direct mortar hits. Most of the medical staff have gone to Amiriyat al Fallujah General Hospital. In Khaldiyah Hospital there are now only two interns, no surgeon and no anesthetist. Patients injured in the conflict are now being transferred to Amiriyat al Fallujah for surgery.

  5. Some IDP families have been waiting for four days to cross Bzbiz Bridge, however latest reports indicate that the bridge and checkpoint may now be open for families with Baghdad sponsors. However earlier on 19 May officials from the Ministry of Health were not given permission to cross the checkpoint in the direction of Baghdad.

  6. The most recent JCMC report estimated 2,000 families displaced to Amiriyat al Falluja and Khaldiyah. The IOM Displacement Tracking Matrix (DTM) has currently assessed 6,768 displaced families; of whom 6,599 IDP families have remained in Anbar Governorate. 134 IDP families have reached Baghdad while another 31 families have moved on to Babylon Governorate.

  7. Local authorities continue to request assistance from the international community, both directly and through the JCMC. Humanitarian Response – Anbar Governorate

  8. Two WHO Mobile Medical Units (MMU), which have been handed over to Anbar DOH, will be deployed in Amiriyat al Fallujah to serve IDPs waiting near Bzbiz Bridge, and in other areas of Anbar as new needs may dictate. The Deputy Minister of Health and a medical team from Faris Arabi have joined the Mobile Units.

  9. Rapid assessments have been conducted by UNHCR protection monitoring partner, International Rescue Committee (IRC) in:

  • Khaldiyah (1,500 IDP families) where needs are prioritised as food, Core Relief Items (CRI) and tents;

  • Habbaniyah Tourist City (300 IDP families) where needs have been prioritised as food, CRIs and tents;

  • Amiriyat al Fallujah (700 IDP families) living with host families and three camps. Needs are food items, CRIs and tents;

  • Bzbiz area (300 IDP families) waiting to access Baghdad.

  1. On 19 May WFP partner, Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) distributed 1,200 RRM kits at Latifia checkpoint south of Baghdad, where more than 1,000 families are reportedly blocked at the check point and are not allowed entry to Baghdad.

  2. On 19 May 3,000 WFP Family Food Packages were distributed in Amiriyat al Fallujah. An additional 3,000 IRRs are being dispatched from Baghdad by NRC, under the RRM Consortium, for Ameriyat al Fallujah.

  3. National NGO, Al-Khanjar Foundation, is providing 1000 IDP families with hot meals (1/day) and delivering 2 water tankers daily in Amiriyat Al Fallujah. They are providing hot meals and 3 water tankers daily to 500 IDP families in Khalidiyah. In addition Al-Khanjar Foundation is currently constructing a camp of 500 tents in Amiriyat Al Fallujah, including water supply of 5 tankers daily.

  4. Another Food Security Cluster partner is currently undertaking a rapid assessment in Amiriyat Al Falluja to identify urgent needs, and has moved stocks from Erbil to Baghdad in preparation.

  5. WHO is arranging shipment of medical kits to Ameriyat Al Fallujah Primary Health Centre.

  6. An intended delivery of UNICEF Rapid Response Mechanism (RRM) kits was prevented from leaving Baghdad for Anbar on 19 May at Bzbiz Bridge, despite National Operations Centre (NOC) clearance. Two of the trucks were redirected to deliver 7,000 RRM kits to Kudbalat, Kerbala, with 7,200 RRM kits delivered through Kerbala to Habbaniyah. Additional RRM kits are ready for subsequent deliveries, pending clearance from the NOC.

The information in this note was compiled by OCHA Iraq based on a variety of sources, including the Government of Iraq, local authorities, UN agencies, international non-government organizations, media reports, and key informant interviews.

The next Flash Update will be issued as required. For more information, contact David Swanson or visit the Humanitarian Operations Centre, Erbil. UN OCHA - Iraq

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