OCHA Flash Update Iraq Crisis – Ramadi Displacement No. 2 | 18 April 2015

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  1. At least 7,011 families have been displaced within Anbar Governorate and 4,965 families have been displaced in Baghdad Governorate, including around 2,000 families still moving towards Baghdad, the most recent assessments from UNHCR indicate. Some 110 families are in Babylon Governorate.
  2. Of the families blocked at checkpoints in Baghdad Governorate, 1,750 have been able to enter and have moved to Abu Ghraib, Mansour and Rasheed. Families cite their needs as shelter, non- food items (NFIs) and food - especially food for infants.
  3. The one remaining bridge intact is located at BzBiz. An NGO partner on the ground reported the deaths of three children and one woman in the crush as people crossed the narrow bridge earlier in the day.
  4. Some 1,500 individuals have crossed the Kalar checkpoint into Sulymaniyah and humanitarian partners are on standby at Arbat Camp.
  5. The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) are currently in control of an estimated 80 per cent of Ramadi. Photos indicate a deserted and isolated environment.
  6. The government has deployed reinforcements and will be sending supplies and ammunition to Iraqi Security Forces (ISF) in the area.
  7. Coalition warplanes and Iraqi air support continue to carry out airstrikes in support of the ISF operations.
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